Fly fishing

We have started our assemblies this year with several guests and poor Mr Shephard has had to help out twice - last week Victoria set him a fidget spinner challenge and this week Rev Adrian attempted to teach him how to fly fish! Next week we will have our first assembly with Rev Corrina Heron.

Wednesday 13th September saw the start of Beat the Street again, remember to use the fobs, and cards, to collect points anytime you are out walking. Sorry about the wrong maps given out initially, hopefully everyone has the correct map now of all the Beat the Street boxes in our area.

This week also was the return of Drama and Spanish lessons - we welcomed back Lois and Lilianna.

P5 have had an exciting start to the year with their first trip to the Ulster Museum. Mr Lewis got them all safely on the train and back again! They all had a great day learning about Egyptian life as well as seeing the other exhibits.

Thank you to all the P1 parents who came in over the week to meet Mrs Decodts. She finds it very useful to get to know your child a bit better.

Coming up next week;

  • Afterschool activities start this week (apart from gymnastics which is next week). Anyone who applied for a club got in to the one they wanted.
  • Wednesday 20th September - P6 go to Ardnabannon. They come in at the usual time with the aim to leave school about 10am. Watch the Facebook page for updates of their adventures!
  • Thursday 21st September - the football team have their first matches.
  • Friday 22nd September - P6 return from Ardnabannon about 2:10pm.

Posted by Judith Hackett on 17 September 2017