P1 Pirate fun!

P1's had a great Friday with their pirate theme day to end their Pirate topic - they all looked fantastic in their outfits, as did Mrs Decodts and Mrs Sloan!

Friday was also the end of Anti-bullying week - we noticed lots of children being kind, helpful and good friends. All the classes did activities and lessons around the subject and we celebrated how we are all different by special and equal. Many children bought one of the anti-bullying wristbands to remind themselves to be a good friend.

P4 and P5 got to make even more friends on their Shared Education days. P5 have obviously meet the other classes before but P4 came back able to to explain all they had learnt and how many new friends they had made.

Some classes were busy this week making Christmas decorations which will be on sale at the craft fair next week.


In the nursery this week their were porridge oats in the sand - it smelt lovely and everyone enjoyed 'cooking' with it. The children enjoyed PE in the assembly hall, playing 'Duck, duck, goose and there were lots of handymen and women using hammers, saws and screwdrivers outside to mend and build. They also made some beautiful pine decorations with glue and glitter to sell at he craft fair.

Thanks to all the parents who came to the lending library talk and the health visitor sessions this week, ensuring school and home are working in partnership.

Coming up next week;

  • Rehearsals for 'The Innkeepers breakfast' on all week and tickets will be issued by the end of the week
  • Tuesday 21st November - Coach Chris in the Nursery for Toddler soccer.
  • Thursday 23rd - Jo Jingles in Nursery
  • Thursday 23rd - PTA Craft Fair 6:30pm - tickets still available to visit Santa
  • Friday 24th November - P7 ice hockey trip

Posted by Judith Hackett on 17 November 2017