World Down Syndrome Day

P2 celebrated World Down Syndrome Day on Monday by wearing crazy socks, and some even had mismatched shoes! They learnt a little about what Down syndrome was as they are very lucky to have Ceri in their class. It is important for us all to realise that it is ok to be different from everyone else as no 2 people are ever completely the same.

This week the Nursery - P5 teachers held parent-teacher consultations. Thank you to all who attended or took a phone call. It is always important to be able to share progress with parents as children do so much better in school with the support of their parents at home. P6 parents will get an opportunity to meet with Mrs Malcolmson after Easter.

Another thank you and apology. As you know some EA staff were striking this week which resulted in no dinners being available in school, even free school meals, so thank you for accommodating this and providing your children with packed lunches when you don’t usually have to do so. School dinners return to normal next week.

Coming up next week:

  • Monday 28th March - P4-7 get baking
  • Tuesday 29th March - House Bake Off - 50p to buy a bun or piece of cake for whole school
  • Tuesday 29th March - P4 Park Life visit
  • Wednesday 30th March - school photographer in for Nursery/P1/P7 class photos
  • Wednesday 30th March - P5 start swimming
  • Friday 1st April - Cash for Clobber collection

Posted by Judith Hackett on 25 March 2022