Ditch the Dark

23 October 2019

Well done and thank you to everyone who took part in our Sustrans ‘Ditch the Dark’ walk to school this morning.  We were very impressed by all the efforts to make ourselves look as bright as possible to ensure the traffic can see us as we come to school in the mornings, as they get darker. It will get darker after half term so hopefully some people will keep up the bright look.

Thank you to Beverley who then stayed the rest of the day to take lessons in each class encouraging us to be active and get outside;

  • P1 - Getting Active
  • P2 - Be safe Be seen
  • P3 - Active travel Scavenger hunt
  • P4 - Making Maps - Birds eye view
  • P5 - Making Maps - compass points
  • P6 - Puncture Repair Workshop
  • P7 - Mini Orienteering