School Council

Our School Council is made up of representatives from our school community.  We have two class reps from each class P4-P7, our school caretaker, Vice Principal and World Around Us Coordinator.  Click here to see our Environmental Garden which was funded by the generousity of local businesses and constructed by a band of willing parents and staff.


Energy Monitors

Each class in the school appoints 2 energy monitors.

It is their job to switch off lights, close doors, ensure computers are powered down, make sure taps aren't left dripping  and switch off interactive whiteboards.

We want to reduce our electricity and water  consumption.  have been monitoring our electricity use and have display the results in school.

Waste Management

We work hard to recycle our waste at Dunmurry Primary School, but there is always more we could be doing!  We have teamed up with Bryson House to look at some interesting ways we can reduce, reuse and recycle our waste.


Healthy Eating

At our school, we have a healthy break policy to encourage us all to think carefully about the food that we are eating.  School Council takes an active roll in promoting healthy choices throughout our school.